Colombia Free Trade Like Dubai Ports Splits Clinton Family

Hmm… Are we starting to see a pattern here?

Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) held a scenic press conference to speak out against the Dubai Ports deal while Bill Clinton was making serious jack trying to get the legislation passed.

** First the Clinton’s were on opposite sides of the Dubai Ports deal.
Senator Hillary Clinton strongly attacked the Dubai Ports deal on the grounds that it would weaken national security .

Meanwhile… Bill Clinton was making hundreds of thousands of dollars coaching United Arab Emirates officials on how to handle the Dubai ports controversy . Bill even tried to get a good friend of his work promoting the state owned Dubai Ports World.
Yet, Hillary played off like the former president just had one phone conversation with the UAE.


** Now we are seeing the same situation with the Colombia Free Trade Agreement.
Hillary says she is opposed to the agreement with America’s staunch ally while Bill is speaking out in support of the agreement.
My Way via Drudge reported:

The presidential campaign of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday that her husband, the former president, supports a free trade agreement with Colombia that his wife strenuously opposes.

The acknowledgment adds new hurdles to the New York senator’s bid to woo Democratic voters in Pennsylvania and elsewhere who believe free trade agreements have eliminated thousands of U.S. jobs. On Sunday, she demoted her chief campaign strategist for his role in promoting the Colombia pact.

Hillary Clinton told union activists Tuesday she would do everything in her power to defeat the Colombia Free Trade Agreement now before Congress.

Her campaign spokesman, Jay Carson, said in response to a query from The Associated Press that the senator’s opposition is “clear and firm.” He added: “Like other married couples who disagree on issues from time to time, she disagrees with her husband on this issue. President Clinton has been public about his support for Colombia’s request for U.S. trade preferences since 2000.”

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