Absolut's Offensive Aztlan Ad Pulled

Absolut decided to pull their offensive Aztlan ad from their Mexican market.
What a disaster!
62% of those pulled said they would boycott the vodka because of the ad.

Even Yahoo News picked up on the story today:

The Reuters article does not mention that Absolut put out another apology after this one mentioned in their report:

The distillers of Sweden’s Absolut vodka have withdrawn an advertisement run in Mexico that angered many U.S. citizens by idealizing an early 19th century map showing chunks of the United States as Mexican.

The billboard ad has the slogan “In an Absolut World” slapped over a pre-1848 map showing California, Arizona and other U.S. states as Mexican territory. Those states were carved out of what had been Mexican lands until that year.

Although it was not shown in the United States, U.S. media outlets picked up on the ad, and after a barrage of complaints, Absolut’s maker said on Sunday the ad campaign would cease.

Defending the campaign last week, Absolut maker Vin & Spirit said the ad was created “with a Mexican sensibility” and was not meant for the U.S. market.

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