Tehran Police Chief Arrested After Found in Bed With 6 Hookers

Tehran Police Chief, Reza Zarei, was caught in a bed with six prostitutes.
He liked to watch them to take all their dresses and pray completely nude.

Tehran’s police chief, Reza Zarei, led the modesty crackdown on women in Tehran. Hundreds of women were arrested. An unspecified number of women were taken into custody and forced to undergo psychological counseling.

This week Reza Zarei was arrested by the regime.
Iranian Rooz Online reported:

‎Tehran’s Prosecutor this week officially announced the arrest of Reza Zarei, the former ‎Tehran province police chief and said that the charges against him were “misuse of his ‎position, of government property, abuse of public trust, and embezzlement.” But on the ‎list of charges brought against him the presence of six prostitutes in his house – which ‎had been exposed by the media – was nowhere to be seen.‎

The confirmation of the arrest of the former Tehran police chief by the judiciary came ‎soon after the most senior police officer in the country, Ismail Ahmadi Moghadam – an in ‎law of President Ahmadinejad – claimed to reporters last Friday that none of the senior ‎ranking police officers had been arrested…

‎The initial news about the arrest of Zarei came from the unofficial news sites. Those ‎reports indicated that the former police chief had been under surveillance by police ‎intelligence officers for some time prior to his arrest and that he had been filmed for over ‎‎60 hours in secret

The 6 hookers were not available for comment.

Another Prostitution Ring Busted… Tehran Police Chief Caught in Bed With 6 Hookers

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