Military Office Bombed!… New York's Times Square Shut Down

Police are investigating an explosion that went off this morning at Times Square in New York City.
3 or 4 people were seen running away from the blast.

New York’s Times Square is closed early Thursday March 6, 2008, after an explosive device damaged a military recruiting station in Times Square and police blocked off the area to investigate. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

Damage is seen to the military recruiting station in Times Square after an explosion damaged the front of the building in New York March 6, 2008. A small explosion caused minor damage to a U.S. military recruiting center in New York’s Times Square area in the early hours of Thursday but there were no injuries, police said. (Reuters)

Times Square was shut down this morning after a military recruiting office was bombed.
The AP reported:


An explosive device caused minor damage to an empty military recruiting station in Times Square early Thursday, shaking guests in hotel rooms high above.

Police blocked off the area to investigate the explosion, which occurred at about 3:45 a.m., shattering the station’s glass entryway. No one was injured.

“If it is something that’s directed toward American troops than it’s something that’s taken very seriously and is pretty unfortunate,” said Army Capt. Charlie Jaquillard, who is the commander of Army recruiting in Manhattan.

He said no one was inside the station, where the Marines, Air Force and Navy also recruit.

The office has been the scene of regular antiwar protests.

The damage done by an explosive device to the military recruitment center is seen Thursday, March 6, 2008 in New York’s Times Square. New York City police say some kind of explosive device was set off near a military recruiting station in Times Square. (AP)

Here this may help… Start your investigation with this bunch

Grandmothers Against the War at their weekly Fifth Avenue vigil. (Village Voice)

A group of the Grannies, many of whom have maintained a “Bring the Troops Home” vigil for two years on Fifth Avenue, were arrested at the recruitment center during an earlier protest.

Michelle Malkin has been tracking the recruitment office attacks.

Fear mongering Ed Morrissey at HotAir points to other radical elements in his report on the blast:

Now the movement has decided to morph into domestic terrorism. Of course, the people responsible will claim that they bombed the office during the night to keep anyone from being hurt. That’s exactly the same kind of rationalization that people like the Weather Underground and the SLA used at first, anyway — that terrorism was justified by their politics. In fact, a few like William Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn still claim that.

UPDATE: Bob Owens is tracking the bombers.

UPDATE 2: Several House Democrats were sent letters with photos of the New York Recruiting Center before it was bombed –The Politico.

HotAir reported that the bombers were antiwar activists.

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