Colombia Crisis Continues– Chavez Busted in Pack of Lies

The Crisis in Latin America continues…
Hugo Chavez threatened to takeover Colombia owned businesses in Venezuela today.

Poor Hugo Chavez After being busted for lying he may have lost a few of his international supporters (Or, maybe not?).
The Miami Herald reported:

Latin America will have to grapple with a more lasting problem: For the first time in recent history, some countries in the region are openly supporting a guerrilla group that is trying to topple a democratically elected government.

Venezuela’s President Hugo Chávez, who until recently was presenting himself to the world as a neutral broker in efforts to release some of the 700 hostages held by Colombia’s FARC guerrillas and had sworn ”by God” that he had never supported the Colombian rebels, has suddenly revealed himself as a committed supporter of the FARC rebels. And the presidents of Ecuador, Bolivia and Nicaragua, all close Chávez followers, are not far behind.

FARC bombed a Colombian oil pipeline yesterday.
Today, FARC released 4 more hostages– Only 792 more to go!

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe condemned Venezuelan Marixist President Hugo Chavez for his proven support of the FARC terrorists. Uribe vowed to bring charges of supporting genocide against Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Three FARC women were recovering in an Ecuadorean hospital from the raid this weekend…

Three women, identified by Ecuadorean officials as (from R to L) Colombian citizens Doris Bohorquez and Martha Perez, and Mexican citizen Lucia Alicia Moret and believed to be members of the Colombian rebel group FARC, lie in hospital beds in Quito March 4, 2008. The women were found injured March 1, 2008 in the FARC camp in the Ecuadorean region known as Angostura where Colombian troops crossed over the border to attack them, killing at least 20 or them including top FARC commander Raul Reyes. (Reuters)

Dead terrorist Raul Reyes liked to surround himself with women some as young as 13.

Venezuela sent troops to its border with Colombia.

Graphic comparing the military forces of Ecuador, Venezuela and Colombia. The crisis gripping South America took a step closer to open conflict Wednesday, with Venezuela saying 10 batallions were now on the Colombian border, and Ecuador warning “ultimate consequences” could ensue.(AFP Graphic)
NOTE: Other estimates have the current FARC numbers at 6,000 to 8,000.

Daniel has another amazing roundup of events at Venezuela News and Views.

Meanwhile… The American Left continues to mourn the loss of terrorist Raul Reyes
Jess Sundin a Minnesota Leftist who traveled to meet the dead terrorist in 2000 is grieving the loss of the killer.
Fight Back News reported:

His death is a tragic loss to the Colombian revolution and to the global anti-imperialist struggle. The continuing struggle for the liberation of Colombia and an ever-growing international solidarity movement will stand as a living monument to his contributions. With a heavy heart, I take strength from a statement he made just last November: “A political and socially conscious human being, with liberatory spirit, is always ready to give his life for the most beautiful and just causes!”

Losing Reyes was a sad blow for the American FARC supporters.

Elsewhere an arms dealer dubbed “the merchant of death” was arrested in Bangkok today. He had sold to buyers who were U.S. undercover agents who Viktor Bout believed were with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, a Marxist guerrilla group that has fought Colombian authorities for 40 years, prosecutors said.

Top FARC Dog Raul Reyes Killed By Colombian Forces
Chavez Warns of War… Says Colombia Is “Israel of South America!”
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EXPLOSIVE NEWS– Chavez Paid $300 Million to FARC!
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