Mitt Romney Pulls Ahead in California!!

This is big news…
Romney 37%, McCain 34%, Huckabee 12%

TPM reports that Governor Mitt Romney pulls ahead in California!!

Remember: In California only Republicans can vote in the presidential primary. This will kill McCain’s chances where Romney holds a double digit lead there among conservatives.

Romney pulls ahead in California-
From Zogby International:


McCain’s leads are commanding, except for in California where Romney leads in Southern California and among women, investors, and voters over 50. Romney holds a double digit lead there among conservatives and leads 56%-18% among very conservative voters. Romney also leads among white voters and among those who say that the war on terror and immigration are top issues.

Thanks to Suzie.

Romney jumped 9 points in Missouri since Florida, too!

Patterico comes out for Mitt Romney!

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