Students Walk Out On Longwinded Bill Clinton

Poor Bill Clinton got no respect at Dartmouth College.
A steady stream of students hit the skids a half hour into his TWO HOUR LECTURE.
They could only take 30 minutes of Bill talking about himself.
He… made…. them……. sleepyzzzzzzzzz….
The WAPO Trail reported:

About thirty minutes into Bill Clinton’s nearly two-hour stop here at Dartmouth College, a steady stream of students started walking out of the venue.

Moments later, Clinton — his voice hoarse, sometimes cracking — took arguably the toughest question of the night, courtesy of a tall, blond 19-year old freshman wearing a bright red sweater. “My main concern is, if Hillary were elected, it would create a dynastification of American politics. Bush, Clinton, Bush. What do you think?” asked Sebastian Ramirez, standing less than a hundred feet from the former president.

Clinton responded, to rolling laughter across the room, “I’m not responsible for the 12 years that the American people gave to the Bushes.” He continued: “I actually tried to talk Hillary into leaving me when we were in law school, that’s the God’s truth. I told her, ‘You have more talent for public service than anybody in my generation that I have met… I shouldn’t stand in your way.’ She looked at me and said, ‘Oh, Bill, I’ll never run for office.'”

“I think it’s really hard that you’re campaigning for change — Clinton’s been using that word a lot too — when, if you were elected, then the past presidents would be Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton,” said Landers, 21.

Added Smith, also 21: “I’m from New York. I think Hillary has done a good job as a senator, but it was just her stepping stone. And, for some reason, for whatever reason, I just don’t like her.”

The girls headed to the food court for dinner.

Captain Ed says the one time college sensation has turned boring and fatigued.

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