Iranian Student Activist Killed By Regime After Arrest

UPDATE: Kamangir has more on Ebrahim Lotfollahi’s brutal murder by the Iranian Regime.

A leaflet announcing a service for Ebrahim, published by his family.

UPDATE 2: The Iranian Regime says that imprisoned student Ebrahim Lotfollahi committed suicide!

Iranian regime murders student activist.
Kurdish student Ebrahim Lotfollahi died in custody of Iranian regime after 10 days of detention.
ADN Kronos reported:

A Kurdish student has died in custody at the Iranian intelligence ministry’s detention centre in Sanandaj where he was taken after his arrest ten days ago.

Ebrahim Lotfollahi was a well known activist from Payam Nour University in Sanandaj, capital of the Iranian province of Kurdistan.

The parents of Ebrahim who saw him for the last time after his arrest on Wednesday last week told the media that “the boy showed evident signs of torture and abuse”.

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