Mountain of a Lie… Hillary Clinton Said She Was Named After Sir Edmond Hillary (Not True)

Sir Edmund Hillary passed away in January 2008.
He was 88.

Sardar Tensing Norkey (right) of Nepal and Edmund P. Hillary of New Zealand are shown here in the kit they wore when conquering Mount Everest, world’s highest peak, on May 29, at the British Embassy in Khatmandu, capital of Nepal, June 26, 1953. (AP Photo)

For years Bill and Hillary Clinton claimed that Hillary was named after the famed mountain climber.

It was a lie.


It was later discovered that Hillary was born six years before the famous climb up Mount Everest.

Men’s News Daily reported:

For years, Hillary Clinton was going around claiming that she was named after the first person to reach the summit of Mt. Everest, Sir Edmund Hillary. This has been reported as “fact” as late as a week ago in the New York Times. It didn’t take long for somebody to notice that the numbers didn’t add up, and that was years ago. After being reminded of the lie, yet again, Hillary has recanted the claim via a sweet story of family history with this explanation:

For more than a decade, Sen. Clinton’s informal biography repeated the story, and it was recounted in former President Bill Clinton’s 2004 autobiography, “My Life.”

The problem with the tale, however, is one of timing. Sir Edmund and his Sherpa guide, Tenzing Norgay, became known to the world only in 1953, after becoming the first men to reach Everest’s summit. Sen. Clinton was born in 1947.

So… Do you suppose Hillary will make a statement… Send flowers?

Blue Crab Boulevard has more on the life of Sir Edmond Hillary.

It’s too bad the corrupt media won’t bring this up with Hillary now.

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