Dutch Artist Goes Underground After Putting Mohammad Masks On Gay Men

“We’re going to burn you naked or put a bullet in your mouth.”

Islamists to Dutch Artist Sooreh Hera
After her photos of gay men with Mohammad masks were displayed
Times Online

The Islamists did not appreciate the artistic value of her work.
Now, they want to kill her.

Soorah Hera
Religion of Peace and Times Online reported:

THE Dutch were debating the limits of freedom of expression last week after an artist who photographed gay men wearing masks of the prophet Muhammad was forced into hiding and her work removed from a museum exhibit.

Speaking on the telephone from an unspecified location in the Netherlands last week, the artist, an Iranian exile who goes by the pseudonym of Sooreh Hera, said she had been threatened with “execution”. She accused the director of the municipal museum in The Hague of cowardice for caving in to Muslim extremists.

Her story is a reminder of the tensions that have put the Netherlands and other European countries on the front line, sending dozens of people threatened by extremists into hiding since 2004, when a Dutch film-maker was murdered on the street and his collaborator driven into exile.

This leaves Hera, 34, in no doubt that she is in real danger. “They said to me, ‘We’re going to burn you naked or put a bullet in your mouth’,” she said, referring to menacing e-mails.

“They say, ‘Now you are locked in your home and you cannot go out any more’.”

She said that by photographing gay Iranian exiles in masks of Muhammad, the founder of Islam, and Ali, his son-in-law, she had wanted to expose a “hypocritical” attitude towards homosexuality in countries such as Iran, where men can be hanged for homosexual conduct.

This photo in particular did not go over too well with the radical Islamists:

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Soorah Hera


The outraged gays rights Leftists ought to be demanding an apology from the Islamists any minute now.

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