Next, They Came For the Hookahs…

First the regime in Iran cracked down on:

* Beautiful women with hair showing
* Beautiful women with blond hair showing
* Women with hair showing who talk back
* Women’s rights activists
* Satellite dishes
* Young men with long hair
* Young men with short sleeves
* Pajamas and shorts in the hallway
* Iranian rappers
* Manly makeup, ties and bowties
* Breasts on mannequins

Now, the regime ruling Iran is banning all smoking in public places including: public organizations, hotels, restaurants, tea houses and coffee shops.
Fars News reported:


As of Saturday, Iran will implement a strict smoking ban in all public places. According to the new law, smoking is prohibited in all public organizations, hotels, restaurants, tea houses and coffee shops.

Police has been ordered to decisively confront all restaurant owners nationwide with a warning first, then temporary closing and, in case of repetition, permanent closing of their enterprise.

Also forbidden is the offering and smoking of the traditional Persian water-pipe which is a must in Iranian tea houses.

A smoking ban for all car drivers nationwide was implemented since last March.

Also selling tobacco products to anyone under 18 would result in confiscation of the vendor’s tobacco products and a cash fine up to 65 dollars. Repeated violations would lead to cash fines amounting to 1,400 dollars.

Ahmadinejad promised during his rise to power that he would not bother with dress codes.

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