VIOLENCE CONTINUES! More Torchings in Amsterdam (Video)

Torchings Continue in Western Amsterdam…
Video of the Dutch Torchings via Klein Verzet:

Klein Verzet continues to report on the sixth night of violence in Western Amsterdam including more video.

The police station was attacked by young Muslims after the young Moroccan youth and knife attacker was shot dead by the female police officer on Sunday. (Telegraaf)

The torchings continue in Amsterdam after the death of a violent young Muslim who stabbed two police officers last Sunday.
One News reported:


Disturbances broke out for a sixth successive night in an immigrant quarter of Amsterdam on Saturday when four cars were set on fire, police said.

The unrest started after police shot dead a man of Moroccan origin last weekend who had stabbed and injured two officers.

Saturday’s fires brought the total number of burnt cars to 11, a police spokesman said.

The 22-year-old Moroccan had been undergoing treatment for psychiatric problems and had in the past been questioned over contacts with Islamic militants linked to the murderer of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh.

The Netherlands is home to about 1 million Muslims out of a population of 16 million. Most live in the big cities.

Muslim Youths Riot–Torch Cars–Attack Dutch Police Station!
Rioting Continues in Western Amsterdam

UPDATE: Michael van der Galiën has more on the rioting at Pajamas Media.

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