Hillary vs. Hillary vs. Hillary vs. Hillary

Judith Apter Klinghoffer at History News Network says Hillary has not changed her stripes since hugging Suha Arafat. Judith was talking about Hillary’s infamous embrace with Suha after Mrs. Arafat had just blamed the Jews for infecting people in Gaza with AIDS.

Bill Clinton with his favorite fundamentalist, Yasser Arafat, who stayed at the Clinton White House more than any other world leader. (Pakistan Times)

Judith suggests that Hillary is making the same kind of mistakes with Iran.

But, what is Hillary’s stance on Iran?
Or, rather, what ARE Hillary’s stands on Iran?
Here is video of Hillary Clinton’s differing positions on negotiating with Iran:
(58 seconds)

Here is Hillary Clinton in February 2007:


“You don’t refuse to talk to bad people. I think life is filled with uncomfortable situations where you have to deal with people you might not like. I’m sort of an expert on that. I have consistently urged the president to talk to Iran and talk to Syria. I think it’s a sign of strength, not weakness.”

Here is Hillary Clinton at the CNN debate on June 3, 2007:

Well, I am very concerned about Iran. And I believe that we should have been using diplomacy for a number of years now… We have allowed the Iranians to begin their nuclear program, (It’s our fault they are building nukes) to imprison Iranian Americans as they are now, to send weapons across their borders to be used against our young men and women.

Hillary Clinton on July 24, 2007 on Obama meeting with Iran:

I thought that was irresponsible and frankly naïve.”

Here is Hillary this week in New Hampshire:

I would engage in negotiations with Iran, with no conditions because we don’t really understand how Iran works. We think we do, from the outside, but I think it is misleading. We spent a couple of weeks paying all this attention to Ahmadinejad. He is a figurehead. He does not have the real power. The real power is held in the supreme leadership and the clerical leadership. They actually control the Iranian revolutionary guard. So I think we should engage in negotiations.

And, here is the statement from Howard Wolfson at the Hillary Clinton website:

An Associated Press story that moved late Thursday night mischaracterized comments Senator Clinton made in New Hampshire earlier in the afternoon.

Senator Clinton has repeatedly and consistently called for negotiations between the United States and Iran aimed at ensuring that Iran does not acquire nuclear weapons. Senator Clinton repeated that point at an event in New Hampshire.

Senator Clinton did not say that the U.S. President should pre-commit to meetings with the leaders of Iran or other rogue states during the first year of her presidency. Rather, Senator Clinton was clearly referring to diplomacy between nations as she has repeatedly and consistently done for months.

There you have it.
Hillary Clinton on Iran- Clear as mud.
It’s sort of like her stand on Iraq.

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