Halleluiah! UN Envoy Gets to Meet Junta Leader For 15 Minutes!

But, thank goodness the UN Special Envoy was finally allowed to see the Myanmar junta leader General Than Shwe for a special UN meeting.
The BBC reported:

Mr Gambari was intending to urge the general “to cease the repression of peaceful protest”, release detainees and embrace democracy and human rights, a UN spokesman said before the talks.

The slaughter continues.
The protesters were beat down.
The monks were sent to slave prisons.
There military junta remains.
There are no human rights in Myanmar.

Monk walks at Yangon’s landmark Shwedagon Pagoda as it reopens, Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2007. A U.N. envoy met with Myanmar’s military leader Tuesday in a bid to end the country’s political crisis, as the junta’s foreign minister defended a deadly crackdown on democracy advocates that provoked global revulsion.(AP Photo)

Nik Nay man blog from Burma reports this morning:

The undertakers from “Yay-Way” cemetery, reported that the SPDC cremates all the corpses as well as those injured protesters who are still alive. Now the world has seen the shooting of Japanese reporters and the floating body of a monk in the Hlaing river. Please let the world know and bring the military regime to the World Criminals Court.

And, finally this:

Mr. Gambari met with DASSK for second time for around 15 minutes before leaving for Yangon Intnernational Airport where he is expected to board a flight to Singapore.

Things are back to normal again…

Soldiers are deployed along the street leading to the Sule Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar on Monday Oct. 1, 2007. The once-blocked off streets leading to the two big pagodas, Sule and Shwedagon, which were the sites of violent unrest by monks and civilians are now open to traffic. (AP Photo)

Pictured is the Sule Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar where junta troops were stationed today. (Google Earth)

Burma-Myanmar Genocide and Democratic Voice of Burma continue to report on this governmental massacre as the protests wind down and the door starts to close again on Myanmar.

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UPDATE: The military is hunting down the bloggers!

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