Far Left Loons Begin Their Nutty IAW Campus Protests

The nuts are out…

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To the American Left America “is” and always will be the enemy.

America is at war.
We have troops in Iraq and Afghanistan today battling against an enemy that wants to kill us all. Our allies are also battling this common enemy.
But heaven forbid we discuss this!
A week of speaking engagements at over 25 American universities discussing this enemy- Radical Islam – is met with posters of Abu Ghraib images and websites calling for demonstrators to wear “orange” – the color of the orange jump suits at Gitmo!

See if you can follow this thinking… (If you can you may be in trouble.)
Far Left “World Can’t Wait” organization is protesting the event and has this to say:

From October 22nd-26th David Horowitz is bringing his “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week” to campuses around the country. This is a major push by the neo-cons to transform the last remaining bastions of critical thought, the universities. It is a dangerous movement that is out to destroy progressive faculty, Muslim student associations, women’s studies departments and other outposts of critical thought in the universities.

This right-wing tour has the potential to affect many different individuals and organizations at your school for a long time to come. So, you’ve got to get moving right away to bring in a broad range of people to work around this with your World Can’t Wait chapter. And, you need to get started today!

Make a list of the student organizations on your campus. You’re going to want to speak with a great many of them: the Muslim student association, the Black student association, the Latino student association, the women’s history study group, ethnic studies groups and departments, gender studies groups and departments, the group which researches the role of the college in the community, the ISO chapter, the SDS chapter, the college Democrats, etc., etc. Divide these up among a couple of chapter members and get in touch with the leadership of these groups right away. Have an initial conversation and invite them to a united planning meeting one day or evening later this week. Use the World Can’t Wait leaflet to initiate your discussion with these people.

Why is it not surprising that the college democrats are included on this list of protest supporters?
Are their any democrats left who will actually speak out against the enemy of America?

The counter-protests are starting:

Action at Stanford by Raging Grannies (Defend Critical Thinking)

The Raging Grannies sang in opposition to an IFAW event at Stanford. (to the tune of O Tannenbaun):

O Horowitz O Horowitz
It seems his brain is is on the fritz
O Horowitz O Horowitz
It seems his brain is on the fritz
Distorts and lies ’bout Muslim rules
Thinks that his audience are fools
O Horowitz O Horowitz
It seems his brain is on the fritz

A name-calling song.
This is posted at the “Defend Critical Thinking” website…
It looks like it might be a little late.

Michelle Malkin has a roundup of reaction to IAW.
Charles Johnson has more on the Leftist-Islamist mobilization.

This is cross posted at Incorrect U.

UPDATE: The Fishwrap at The Washington Times has updates on the latest protest news.

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