Burmese Students Get 5 Years Hard Labor for Protesting Junta

The junta is separating detained protesters into four categories:

** Passers-by
** Those who watched
** Those who clapped!
** Those who joined in

That’s how you run a junta- along with a disproportionate amount of massive fire power.
Hundreds of Burmese protesters have been arrested and sent away to hard labor camps.

There will be protests in several countries on Saturday against the brutal regime. (AFP)


The military junta in Myanmar has condemned 50 students to 5 years of hard labor for protesting the regime.
Democratic Voice of Burma reported:

Oct 4, 2007 (DVB)–About 50 students from Mandalay have been sentenced to five years’ imprisonment in a hard labour camp, according to family members.

The students were arrested by the Burmese authorities in connection with last month’s protests and have been sent to a hard labour prison work camp in Sagaing division.

A judicial official in Mandalay confirmed to DVB that the students had been brought before the court and sentenced before being sent to Kabaw prison work camp in Sagaing. Orders for the move were given to officials by the Minister of Industry (1), Aung Thaung.

Monks walk on the street in downtown Yangon, Myanmar Thursday, Oct. 4, 2007. Myanmar’s military government stepped up its propaganda machine Thursday, calling foreign critics of its crackdown ‘liars’ and filling state-controlled media with positive spins of the junta’s crushing blow to pro-democracy advocates.(AP Photo)

Ryan McMillen, a professor of history at Santa Monica College, who posted the video of Japanese photographer Kenji Nagai being shot dead by a Myanmar soldier, may have caused the junta to shut down the internet last week during the crackdown.

MORE… Robert Mayer explains what went wrong in Burma, who controls the junta, and why this was not a colored non-violent revolution.

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UPDATE: The New York Times reported:

For the first time, Myanmar’s military rulers late Thursday acknowledged mass detentions in their brutal crackdown on protesters, saying that about 1,400 people were being held. They also made a heavily qualified offer to meet with the pro-democracy leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

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