Bhutto Gives Powerful Speech – Police Release Photo of Bomber's Head in Pakistan

“The only people who are safe are militants because they will not be attacked by the peaceful people. And we will not be intimidated by this minority. This is a battle for democracy. We want to avoid bloodshed. We want to avoid loss of life. But, if it means sacrificing our lives to save Pakistan and to save democracy because we believe democracy alone can save Pakistan from disintegration and a militant takeover then we are prepared to risk our lives and we are prepared to risk our liberty.”

Benazir Bhutto
Former Pakistani Prime Minister & PPP chairperson
October 20, 2007

Benazir Bhutto gave an amazing speech to Pakistani supporters after the attempt on her life:

The Independent reported that “a senior Pakistani police investigator has claimed the suicide-bomber responsible for the Karachi attack was seen running through the crowd surrounding Benazir Bhutto’s convoy before hurling himself towards her armoured truck.”

WARNING: Bomber Head Posted Below!


They found the bomber’s head but had to put it back together before they could release the photo of the Karachi bomber to the public.
Pakistani Dawn reported:

KARACHI, Oct 19: Doctors at the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre undertook the facial reconstruction of the bomber whose severed head was found from the site of the twin blasts that rocked a procession of the Pakistan People’s Party and killed more than 130 people on Thursday night.

Investigators also sent the finger-prints obtained from the forearms believed to have been blown off from the body of the suicide bomber to the National Database and Registration Authority.

DIG Investigation Manzoor Mughal told Dawn that the first blast was caused by a Russian-made hand-grenade weighing around 1kg. He said the grenade explosion was aimed at breaching the security cordon around the specially-built bullet-proof vehicle of PPP chairperson Benazir Bhutto and other party leaders. He added that the second blast took place seconds later.

However, a senior police official doubted whether the first blast had been caused by a hand-grenade, arguing that the extent of damage was extraordinary.

Jules Crittenden has more on the battle for democracy.

Officials are trying to identify who was behind the attacks. They are studying the head they found. (Daily Ausuf)

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