New York Times Will Run Anti-Ahmadinejad Ad Monday

“Ahmadinejad Is a Terrorist”

This FULL RATE ad will appear in The New York Times on Monday.

Sadly, this Pro-American Freedom’s Watch ad did not get the same discount as the liberal democratic group did when they called General Petraeus a traitor.
It appears to work that way at The New York Times.

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Freedom’s Watch will release this ad tomorrow in the New York Times:

September 21, 2007 – Washington, D.C. – Friday Freedom’s Watch
President Bradley A. Blakeman released a statement and a copy of the
print advertisement it has requested to be run in the Monday edition
of the New York Times.

“Freedom’s Watch could not sit back and allow a terrorist to come to
America masquerading as a world leader. We have an obligation to warn
the world of the dangers of a nuclear Iran and to uncover the true
intent, that being, the destruction of the United States and the State
of Israel. Let’s be clear, Iran today kills American soldiers in Iraq
and they will not stop there,” said Bradley A. Blakeman, President of
Freedom’s Watch.

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