Iranian News Reports Senator John Kerry Met With Regime

(Updated Below)
Whoa! The regime in Iran let this cat slip out of the bag today…
Senator John Kerry met privately with members of the Iranian Regime!
Iranian FARS News reported:

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Following the recent reports about a meeting between a number of Iranian reformists and a US senator, Iranian parliament speaker said asking for aliens’ help shows lack of public support, adding that the Iranian nation condemns any resort to the aliens, specially the US.

Speaking to reporters during a press conference here on Wednesday, Gholam Ali Haddad Adel (pictured) said Iranian nation surely condemns any resort to Americans, “and all political groups are informed that such resorts and demands for aliens’ supports means the final and definite failure of a political movement inside the country.”

The statements followed a recent report about a meeting between a number of Iranian reformists and the US Senator John Carry on the sidelines of a Davous meeting.

Elsewhere, Haddad Adel dismissed the warmongering words recently uttered by the French foreign minister as worthless and cheap, and reminded that many French statesmen, politicians and parliament members as well as officials of other European countries have condemned Bernard Kouchner’s statements.

What’s with the senators from Massachusetts?
First, Teddy Kennedy collaborated with the KGB, now the junior senator is meeting privately with the Iranian regime.

This must be the meeting in question…

John Kerry and Mohammad Khatami, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran (1997-2005) spoke together at the World Economic Forum (Davos) on January 27, 2007. (Flickr)

This is the noted meeting where Kerry bashed the US for being an “international pariah”.
Suddenly, this meeting is an issue with Kahatami’s rivals.

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