Iranian-Americans -1 Moonbats -0

Friend Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi an Iranian-American and fellow bloggers were at the Anti-Ahmadinejad protests today outside of Columbia University.

The moonbats made a showing today at Columbia University complete with their “Ahmadinejad is bad but Bush is worse” orange sign.

Front Page wrote a piece on Banafsheh back in March 2005:

Banafsheh’s father is a celebrated journalist and writer whose two main passions in life were Cinema and geo-politics. He was one of the pre-eminent champions of world cinema in Iran and Iranian cinema abroad. When the revolution began, though he had plenty of job opportunities outside Iran and could have fled, he chose to stay behind along with quite a few friends and relatives in order to protect the integrity of social evolution that was occurring in light of the revolution. He was put under house arrest for several years.

Banafsheh’s mother was one of the managing directors of the Iranian National Handicraft Center in the ‘70’s. This was a wonderful organization that through sales in various specifically designed cooperative stores set up by the ministry of commerce, around Iran, artisans and crafts people were able to sell their and did not have to go through the bazaars where they may have been cheated. It was a win/win situation for all. This organization did so well, that my mother was asked to open the N.Y. based headquarters in ’72. My mom turned it into a successful enterprise there too and returned to Iran in ’74 where after a serious of promotions she was advanced to managing directorship of the Iranian Customs administration. Since the revolution when she left Iran and came back to the U.S., she has been an activist.

Banafsheh comes from a proud Iranian family. She has no love for the regime in control of Iran. Banafsheh has lived through the nightmare of the mullacracy.


So today when the moonbats confronted Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi outside of Columbia University about how Ahmadinejad and the Iranian Regime were so much better than George Bush- It was on!

They decided to confront Banafsheh (in gray shirt) on the evils of the “Bush Regime”.

A small group of obnoxious Leftists were planted on the street across from Columbia with their banner, “Ahmadinejad is bad but Bush is worse.”

It was a bad move.

It was a very bad move.

Rocco DiPippo from The Autonomist was there and is going to post video and photos from the protests at Columbia University.

Also in attendance at the protests were the pro-regime folks who decided to dress like their buddy Mahmoud.

One of them even favored Ahmadinejad…

…Leisure suit and all.

Jules Crittenden is following the Iranian news to see how they’re going to explain Bollinger’s speech.

Fred Thompson today spoke out for the Iranian students who cannot.

UPDATE: Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi will be a guest on The Glenn Beck Show tonight.

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