Democrats Fail As US Continues to Win BIG in Iraq

Hey Democrats! You must have missed the memo…
It’s over! And, despite all you did to hinder the United States in every way imaginable- guess who won?
WE DID! The United States of America!

Children hugged State Department civilian reconstruction team leader Donna Carter when she came to see them in Anbar Province recently. The sheer joy on the faces of these Iraqis was unmistakable. (Michael Totten)

Michael Totten reported on Anbar today:

“We hand out care packages from the U.S. to Iraqis now that the area has been cleared of terrorists,” one Marine told me. “When we tell them that some of these packages aren’t from the military or the government, that they were donated by average American citizens in places like Kansas, people choke up and sometimes even cry. They just can’t comprehend it. It is so different from the lies they were told about us and how we’re supposed to be evil.”

Read the whole amazing story by Michael Totten– and donate if you can. (I did.)


And, The Jawa Report posted this victory news earlier today from the Opinion Journal:

“We may differ with our American friends about tactics, I might not see eye to eye with them on all matters. But my message to them is one of appreciation and gratitude,” he said. ” To them I say, you have liberated a people, brought them into the modern world. They used to live in fear and now they live in liberty. Iraqis were cut off from the modern world, and thanks to American intervention we now belong to the world around us. We used to be decimated and killed like locusts in Saddam’s endless wars, and we have now come into the light. A teacher used to work for $2 a month, now there is a living wage, and indeed in some sectors of our economy, we are suffering from labor shortages.”

…Mr. Mahdi was not apologetic about what Iraq offers the United States by way of justification for the blood and treasure and the sacrifice: “Little more than two decades ago, in the aftermath of the Iranian Revolution and the Lebanon War of 1982, the American position in this region was exposed and endangered. Look around you today: Everyone seeks American protection and patronage. The line was held in Iraq; perhaps America was overly sanguine about the course of things in Iraq. But that initial optimism now behind us, the war has been an American victory. All in the region are romancing the Americans, even Syria and Iran in their own way.”

But, sadly tonight the democrats did not get the news.
They were still trying to push their legislation today in the senate that would again hinder the efforts of this great nation’s military.

But, the Webb Legislation went down. And, it went down HARD!
The Defeatist Party and their demeaning legislation did not manage to pick up a SINGLE ADDITIONAL REPUBLICAN.

The roll call vote was 56-41.
Bummer for the defeatists.

More… Atlas lists a few of the Allied victories since 9-11.
Hat Tip Larwyn

And, author Barry Rubin at GLORIA Center puts recent devlopments in perspective. Rubin notes how Petraeus’s report is the total reverse of the Baker-Hamilton Report.

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