Bush Progress Speech & Whiny Dem Response

President George W. Bush gave a very hopeful and positive speech on the progress in Iraq since the Bush Surge began a few months back.
Bottom line—

“Realizing this vision will be difficult, but it is achievable.” …Our military commanders believe we can succeed. Our diplomats believe we can succeed. And for the safety of future generations of Americans, we must succeed.

Democrats did not disappoint with their patented negative rebuttal.

Senator Jack Reed and democrats called on America to give up. (AP)

Here is a line that stuck out from the democratic response by Senator Jack Reed (D-RI):


Yet, as General Petraeus has repeatedly stated, Iraq’s fundamental problems are not military, they are political. The only way to create a lasting peace in Iraq is for Iraqi leaders to negotiate a settlement of their long-standing differences.

When the president launched the surge in January, he told us that its purpose was to provide Iraqi leaders with the time to make that political progress.

But now, nine months into the surge, the president’s own advisers tell us that Iraq’s leaders have not, and are not likely to do so. Meanwhile, thousands of brave Americans remain in the crossfire of another country’s civil war.

So, which presidential advisers was Reed talking about?
Cheney? Condi? Petraeus?
Maybe the mainstream media will follow up on these unsubstantiated claims by Reed.
They surely won’t let Reed get away with groundless propaganda.
Will they?

John Edwards gave his own rebuttal.

Umm… Did any democrat even listen to the Petraeus report to Congress?… Just wondering.

It is interesting that you can’t find one democrat who is talking about winning- not one.

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