Baath Party, Iran & Democrats Agree on Petraeus Report

Not everyone was excited to hear the good news that General Petraeus presented to Congress this week.

The Iraqi Baath Party weighed in on the Petraeus report this week to Congress.
Watching America and Al Iraq News reported:

“The truth is known to anyone who observes American politics: the evil war maniac Bush doesn’t want to admit the failure of his illegitimate colonialist project, which would lead to the collapse if his presidency and the end of his fascist and criminal war.”

— Dr. Abu Muhammad, Baath Party in Iraq

The Regime in Iran also commented on General Petraeus’s report to Congress.
Arabic News reported:


Iran’s Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council Ali Larijani said on Wednesday that the recent report released by the US Ambassador to Baghdad Ryan Crocker and Commander of US troops in Iraq General David Petreaus was full of contradictions… The report not only fell short of demonstrating Iraq’s real image but also it depicted a dramatic image of the war-shattered country, he said.

The Iranian leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei chimed in on the week’s events in Washington, via the BBC:

Americans will have to answer for why they don’t end occupation of Iraq and why waves of terrorism and insurgency have overwhelmed the country.”

And, US democrats also responded to the general’s report this week to Congress.
The democratic Huffington Post reported:

…Presidential contenders joined in the chorus. Calling the recommendations part of a “false debate,” former Senator John Edwards (D-NC) said that “President Bush’s Iraq strategy has failed, and Congress must not cave. Congress must support our troops by using every tool available to force the president to agree to a withdrawal.”

Funny, the worst attacks on the general came from the democratic group a group that claims to represent “real Americans.”
This democratic group alleged Petraeus was a traitor.
…Not even the Iranians could top that.

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