Iran Invents Camera For the Blind(?) Update: It's From Taiwan

Because blind people want to take great pictures, too(?).
An Iranian inventor has developed a new camera for those who can’t see.
Fars News reported:

The camera for the blind has a feature that “allows the camera to work with color waves and their reactions and it can determine the distance automatically.”

In America we call this- “automatic focus.”

Here is a photo of the Iranian camera for the blind. (Please tell me this is not an American model like so many of the other developments the regime claims to make.)

The Iranian also invented special tanks for developing film for blind photographers:


She (inventor Mahvash Sepehr) has also invented special tanks for the blind to develop their negatives.

“Once the film is developed, the tank starts ringing to warn the blind person that it is time to bring the negative out of the liquid,” the Iranian inventor concluded.

In America we call these things- “timers.”

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UPDATE: Thanks to DJM for the tip. It’s a Ben Q camera given away as sales promotions in America:

BenQ’s headquarters are in Taipei.
(I originally said American but the headquarters appear to be in Taipei- Thanks again to DJM.)
Oh… And as Harrison noted below in the comments, the film developing tanks are pretty much useless with digital cameras.

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