Iranian Woman Gets 3 Years & 10 Whippings for Protesting

On June 12, 2006, Iranian women held a rally at Tir Square in Tehran protesting for more rights…
Instead, they got a beatdown.

And, several of the women were imprisoned for their animosity against the regime in Iran.

This week one of the women arrested during that protest was in court.
A women’s rights activist, Delaram Ali, was sentenced to 3 years in jail and 10 whippings for protesting against the regime in Iran.
Her sentence was handed down on Monday.
Iran Focus reported:

On Monday, an Iranian court sentenced a women’s rights activist to almost three years in jail and 10 lashes for attending a banned rally, her lawyer said on Tuesday.

Lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh said Delaram Ali, 24 (pictured), was her fourth client to be convicted over last year’s protest in favor of female rights. She said the sentence would be appealed and that Ali was free on bail.

Rights activists and Western diplomats say Iran is taking a tougher line against dissent in general, possibly in response to increased international pressure over its disputed nuclear activities. Pro-reform students, intellectuals and labor movement figures are also among those targeted, they say.

Jadi at Inside Iran knows Delaram Ali personally:


This is not silliness, this is not making order. This is BRUTALITY, pure brutality. I know Delaram VERY closely.

She is a volunteer teacher for Afghan children who do not have the right of going to school in Iran. She is going to spend three years of her life in prison and be tied to somewhere and be whipped for 10 times in her back just for believing in “women should be equal to men”. This tyranny is Unbelievable.

There are several Iranian women who await their sentencing for the 2006 protest at Tir Square.
An Iranian women’s rights group website We-Change reported:

Prior to Delaram’s sentence other women’s rights activists had been issued sentences in relation to the June 12th protest in Hafte Tir Square, which demanded equal rights for women under the law, as follows:

1) Fariba Davoodi Mohajer: Three years suspended sentence and 1 year prison term;

2) Noushin Ahmadi Khorasan: Two years suspended sentence and 6 months jail term;

3) Parvin Ardalan: Two years suspended sentence and 6 months jail term;

4) Shahla Entesari: Two years suspended sentence and 6 months jail term;

5) Sussan Tahmasebi: One year and 6 months suspended sentence and 6 months jail term;

6) Azadeh Forghani: 2 years suspended sentence; and

7) Bahareh Hedayat: 2 years suspended sentence.

Sentences for Maryam Zia, Nasim Soltan Beigi, and Alieh Eghdam doost, also defendants in the June 12, 2006 protest in Hafte Tir Square have yet to be issued.

This sentencing comes the same week the Supreme Leader praised his country’s treatment of women.

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