IRANIAN REGIME DIGS PIT- Public Stoning Tomorrow

The Regime in Iran stoned Jafar Kiani to death last week.
Now, the pit has been prepared for the stoning of Mokarrameh Ebrahimi, his lover.
She is the mother of two children.

An Iranian blogger went to the village where the stoning took place and wrote about it.
The blood was still visible on the hole.

The Daily Mail reported that the regime in Iran is preparing the pit for the stoning of an adultress:

An Iranian woman faces being stoned to death for having an affair with a married man.

Mother- of- two Mokarrameh Ebrahimi has spent the last 11 years in jail for adultery with Jafar Kiani.

Authorities in Tehran confirmed yesterday that Kiani had been executed last week. Now human rights groups fear 43-year-old Ebrahimi will suffer the same brutal fate.

A stoning pit, in which she will be buried up to her neck, has already been prepared for her.

Amnesty International UK director Kate Allen, launching an “urgent” appeal, said: “To execute anyone by stoning is barbaric and disgraceful, to execute a woman for adultery in this cruel way simply beggars belief.

“It is imperative that Iran’s head of judiciary takes immediate steps to stop the shameful stoning of Mokarrameh Ebrahimi while clarifying what has happened to her co-accused Jafar Kiani.”

Tehran stopped official stonings in 2002 following international pressure. But judiciary spokesman Alireza Jamshidi confirmed that Jafar Kiani had been killed on Thursday. “The verdict was implemented because it was definitive,” he said.

Under Islamic law a male convict is buried up to the waist with his hands tied behind his back, while a female is usually buried up to her neck. Spectators and officials then carry out the execution by hurling rocks and stones.

The stones are deliberately chosen to be large enough to cause pain, but not big enough to kill the person in just one or two strikes.

Too big- Too small- Just right…

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The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has once again called in Iran’s Ambassador to Norway, Abdol Reza Faraji Rad, to protest against the stoning of Jafar Kiani in Iran –Norway Post.


Stop Stoning Forever has more on these stonings.
Amnesty International released an urgent appeal to stop tomorrow’s stoning.
Serendip has more on Mokarrameh Ebrahimi.

Kamangir has the background on this case- “Jafar Kiani helped Mokarrameh Ebrahimi [the name is written in different ways] run away from her abusive husband, who forced her to sleep with other men for money.”

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