Bahrainis Protest Against Iranian Annexation

The Bahrainis are not too hip about bringing back public stonings.

Bahrainis protested at the Iranian Embassy on Friday in response to an Iranian newspaper editorial claiming that Bahrain was a province that should be returned to Iran.
Bahrain Tribune reported:

Lawmakers joined hundreds of Bahrainis outside the Iranian embassy to protest against comments made by the editor of hardline Iranian daily Kayhan that the Kingdom belonged to Iran, an issue likely to figure prominently in talks with Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki who landed in Manama yesterday on a two-day visit.

The protesters, chanting anti-Iran slogans, said this was a message to Iran not to infringe on Bahrain’s sovereignty. “Bahrain has been an Arab Muslim country since the dawn of Islam,” Mohammed Al Marran, who organised the protest, said.

MP Abdulhalim Al Murad said: “The protest shows the national unity of the people of Bahrain. All the political leaders should join hands on the issue for the safety and protection of the country.”

Apparently… There’s a reason the Bahrainis are so upset about this Iranian editorial.
The mullahs tried to take over Bahrain back in 1981.

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