Iranian Students Protest Regime! Chant "Down With Dictators!" (Video)

Students from Tehran’s Amir Kabir University announced that they would hold a rally on campus Monday calling on authorities to release seven of their arrested fellow pupils.

Here is the flyer they posted and circulated among students across Tehran that demands the release of their fellow student leaders currently held by the regime:

(Iran Focus)
The protest was held as scheduled.
Pajamas Media has video from the rally- HERE.
And… Ardeshir Arian translates the student powerful words of the students in the video including this:

Then the young student in a red shirt starts speaking to the crowd.

He says: I don’t know why you are famous as a preacher (meaning the mullahs) and how your ancestors gained this title.
I only know that except issuing orders of stabbing, beating, chaining up and may be soon,…killing, You have not done anything for my home. (country)
Maybe only Hafez (Iranian poet & philosopher) has answered me right.
“That Mullahs say one thing when they are preaching in public and do the opposite when in private”.
[Crowd applauds]

Much more at Pajamas.


And this was just posted at YouTube showing students at AmirKabir chanting “Down With Dictators!”
(54 seconds)

Pouyan at Mideast Youth has a list of stringent regime rules for Iranian students.

Of course… The New York Times blames the Iranian tyranny on Bush!
-via Instapundit.

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Meanwhile… Michael Ledeen writes on the “Invisible Hostage Crisis” at NRO.

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