Iran Protests Unlawful and Dangerous Israeli Threats at UN

Pot Meet Kettle…

An Iranian protests in support of the destruction of Israel at an earlier state sanctioned rally in Tehran.

Iran is protesting against the unlawful threats by Israel at the UN.
Fars News reports:

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- The Iranian ambassador to the UN, in a letter to the secretary-general, complained that the UN Security Council has done nothing to stop Israel’s “unlawful and dangerous threats” against Iran.

Javad Zarif protested yesterday a recent statement from Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz that Israel has not ruled out military action against Iran to disable its nuclear program. He also referred to a similar statement that Zionist regime’s Prime Minister Ehud Olmert made in April.

“I wish to inform you that, emboldened by the absence of any action by the Security Council, various Israeli officials have unabatedly continued to publicly and contemptuously make unlawful and dangerous threats of resorting to force against the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Zarif said in the letter, dated June 11. He also sent a copy to the president of the Security Council.

This is from a noted protest in 2005.
Just who is being threatened here?

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