The Story Behind the Latest Iranian-American Hostage

An Iranian website offers more details on the latest American arrested in Iran.

Kian Tajbakhsh joins three other Americans detained by the Iranian Regime.

Iran Press News reports on the Soros consultant working in Iran who was arrested recently:

Another Iranian-American arrested in Iran

The regime-run site Baztab reports: Following the arrest of Haleh Esfandiyari in Iran and the White House’s claim that 3 other women were also arrested in Iran; American newspapers now claim a 4th arrest, and they blame the Islamic Republic of trouble-making on the verge negotiations between Iran and America.

The Washington Post claims that Kian Tajbakhsh, the 4th Iranian-American who has been imprisoned in Iran in recent weeks. It is said that Tajbakhsh was arrested on May 11th but his family and friends were unaware until this week.

In another sign of apparent tension between Iran and the U.S., granting visas to several Americans who had been invited to attend a conference in Tehran has been denied. According to academics and Iranian officials, others visas for traveling to Iran have also been canceled.

45-year-old Tajbakhsh, has been working for George Soros’s Open Society Institute branch in Tehran since 2004; he is also said to have done some work for the World Bank in Tehran.

An Iranian government source also announced on Tuesday, May 22nd that Tajbakhsh has also worked as a consultant for a number of the Islamic Regime’s own ministries as well; he is also said to be a very well-respected Sociologists among members of Tehran’s regime.

He is said to have been arrested approximately 3 days after the imprisonment of Halley Esfandiyari.

This brings up several questions… If Kian is so respected by the regime and has worked closely inside the regime, why is he being held now?… The same question can be asked about Haleh Esfandiari. Many believe that she has been supportive of the regime so why is she being held now?
What kind of game is the regime playing?


Iran Press News has more on Haleh Esfandiari today.
Warning: This was written by Robin Wright from the Washington Post and therefore slants to the Leftist “we need to talk with Iran” point of view.

Translation by Iran Press News

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