Swamp Shifts Hands… But Still For Sale

My What a Difference a Week Makes For the Ethically Impaired…
The Freshmen Fail Ethics Exam.

Same Swamp– Different Owners.
And to think… It was just last week that the democrats held a press conference on how they were going to push for stronger ethics enforcement.
MajorityAP reported:

Despite last week’s media blitz promoting tougher ethics enforcement, a group of freshmen Congressmen failed their first practical test Tuesday night, when they refused to reprimand one of their colleagues for an apparent ethics violation.

In fact, those freshmen wouldn’t even allow a debate to occur on the House floor, killing a privileged resolution before it could be considered by the full House.

On May 16, Democrat lawmakers held a news conference in Washington, DC, where more than two dozen freshmen announced a push for stronger ethics enforcement. The members followed up that event with local media, garnering widespread attention for vowing to reform Congress.

“Members of Congress must know that if they break the rules,” Ohio’s Zack Space told C-SPAN, “they will be caught and punished.”

But when Space was given the chance to punish one of his own, Pennsylvania Democrat Jack Murtha, he refused. Murtha contributed $2,000 to Space’s campaign last fall.

Speaker Pelosi said she missed the Murtha’s confrontation with Rep. Rogers. But, no one asked her about Murtha’s confrontation with Rep. Todd Tiahrt the week before on the House floor where the antiwar Murtha made similar threats.
The threats were caught on tape even:

Murtha is one loose cannon.
Democrats better put a muzzle on that one.

This is how Roll Call described the backtracking dems:


House Appropriations Chairman David Obey (D-Wis.) said Tuesday he would not include earmarks in appropriations bills until they reach conference, angering some of his Republican counterparts and prompting accusations that Democrats were going against their pledge to reform and bring transparency to the earmarking process.

Instapundit has more on the mockery.

Murtha Threatens Fellow Congressman On House Floor!… VIDEO!
Speaker Pelosi Backs Murtha’s Unhinged Threats

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