Good News! Dictators Are Upholding Democracy

Good News! The dictatorships and communist regimes want to uphold democracy!
Tala Dowlatshahi, the Reporters Without Borders representative today at the Press Freedom Day Panel at the United Nations, was dishing out some insane Leftist poppycock about how Nancy Pelosi is such a grand human rights representative. Dowlatshahi must have missed the Syrian news articles about the Assad regime imprisoning activists since Pelosi’s lunch with Bashar!

Tala also explained how it is somehow America’s fault that the Chinese and Cubans are locking up writers and political prisoners today- This is something only a leftist could follow.

In this video clip Tala explains how the dictatorships and communist regimes on the UN Human Rights Council are upholding democracy:

There you have it!
Dictators really do want democracy!
They just need a little nudge.

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