Crackdown & Arrests At Tehran's Amir Kabir University

Iranian students at Amir Kabir University held protests this past week on campus until regime thugs came in and beat them with chains.

Iran continues to persecute the university students in Tehran and arrested another student leader on Friday.
ADN Kronos reported:

A student of top Tehran university Amir Kabir Polytechnic was arrested Friday amid campus rallies. Ahmad Ghassaban, an engineer student and the editor of the university magazine Sahar (dawn) is accused of inciting fellow students to carry out protests. Some 12 students of the Polytechnic are currently detained including Babak Zamanian, spokesman of the Islamic association of Amir Kabir.

Babak Zamanian was arrested more than a week ago by the regime in Iran. An Iranian website, Autnews, is calling on the regime to release Amir Kabir University student leader Babak Zamanian.

On Monday, a group of supporters of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad forced their way into the campus of the university and assaulted a group of student activists who were staging a peaceful rally against the detention of Zamanian, who was arrested last week. About a dozen students who were stabbed and attacked with chains were transferred to hospital. A similar attack by Ahmadinejad supporters was carried out Monday against activists at the university of Lorestan, in western Iran.

The students in Tehran, Lorestan, Babol near the Caspian sea, and Shiraz in the west, are rallying against new government measures imposing strict new dress codes and opening hours on campus as well as restrictions on political activity.

Signs like the one above displayed at the student protests upset the regime officials. (More photos at Kamangir)


Pro-Ahmadinejad Thugs Stab & Beat Student Protesters!
Regime Beats Students With Chains- Arrests Student Leaders

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