Amnesty International Finally Makes Itself Irrelevant

Amnesty International didn’t need anyone else to do it for them.
They managed just fine.
But, after today’s nonsense, who can take them seriously anymore?

Amnesty International says:

Australian PM John Howard = Zimbabwean Dictator Robert Mugabe
US President George Bush = Sudan Dictator Omar Al-Bashir

Here’s a question:

Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa brutally attacked.



Opposition leader Gift Tandare was shot dead by government forces of Zimbabwe.


700,000 saw their homes destroyed in “Operation Drive Out the Filth” last year.

And, then there is the Amnesty International Cheney Quiz

Charles Johnson nails Amnesty International nailing themselves.

No Pasaran! has more on the potbangers.

UPDATE: Amnesty International is facing fire.

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