THEY'RE HOME! British Hostages Land at Heathrow (Video)

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Seaman Faye Turney with daughter Molly and husband Adam pose for pictures after being reunited at the Royal Marines Barracks in Chivenor, Devon, England. (AP)

The British Broadcasting Corp., meanwhile, reported that one of the British naval crew held in Iran was kept in solitary confinement. (AP)

British serviceman Operator Maintainer Andrew Henderson at the Royal Marines Base Chivenor in Devon, 200 miles (320 km) southwest of London April 5, 2007. (AP)

British serviceman Operator Maintainer Simon Massey at the Royal Marines Base Chivenor in Devon. (Reuters)

The British sailors and marines held hostage by Iran arrived safely back in England!
Thank God.
Video of the soldiers and marines smiling for the cameras at Heathrow:
(1 minute 20 seconds)

Via HotAir, the New York Sun says that Bush helped with their release.

Prime Minister Tony Blair welcomed their return as their plane touched down at Heathrow. He also called for continued international pressure on Tehran.

Bazteb News reports:

Following the release of the 15 British marines and sailors in a ceremony that was accompanied by joy and enthusiasm and attended by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahamadinejad and a number of his cabinet ministers in Tehran on Wednesday, they are reportedly being received differently in London on Thursday.

Several Iranian reporters, who accompanied the Britons on their way to London aboard the airplane, were not allowed to interview them upon arrival at Heathrow international airport, BAZTAB correspondent reported from Heathrow airport.

Meanwhile, many foreign correspondents were present at Heathrow airport to interview the British servicemen upon their arrival.

…The Iranian President called on Prime Minister Blair’s government not to punish them after they return home because of their confessions.

The BBC is reporting this on their next few hours at home:

They are now being flown by helicopter to Royal Marines Barracks Chivenor in Devon, where they will be de-briefed and given thorough health checks.

BBC correspondents say military chiefs will be keen to assess the physical and psychological impact captivity has had on the crew before reuniting them with their families.

The sailors and marines will be joining their families at a Royal Marines base in Devon.

A Parting Shot…

Before leaving Tehran, the released Britons received gfits on behalf of President Ahmadinejad and the Islamic Revolution’s Guards Corps (Bazteb).
How thoughtful!

Iranian News reports that the British sailors had mixed feelings about leaving Iran:

Felix Carmen, the reporting officer told IRNA that he had a mixed feeling upon departure.

“It’s mixed actually; I want to go home; to see my parents; to see them again.”
He said that over the last few days he had had good time along with his friends.

“That could be a big shock when we get off the plane and meet our families. That’s overwhelming I think.”
Asked whether he would visit Iran once again, he said, “I think I would, because we’ve had a good time. Over the last two days, I’d say, we’ve had an excellent time.”

Pajamas Media has a roundup on the latest developments.
Jules Crittenden says “Home is where the humiliation is.”

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