Raghad Hussein Steps Back Into Limelight to Rally Baathists

Saddam Hussein’s daughter Raghad is back in the news.
Raghad Al-Tikriti, daughter of Sadam Hussein, has stepped out into the lime light to rally the former Baathists and has pledged to support them financially with millions in their continued fight.

Haider Ajina sends the following news items from the Iraqi independent news Aswat Aliraq:

128 suspected gunmen arrested in Dawr district
By Ghazwan al-Juburi

Dawr, Apr 4, (VOI) – As many as 128 suspected gunmen were arrested during a joint security operation in Dawr district, north of Baghdad, while another military operation was waged in Sameraa, a security source in Tikrit said on Wednesday.

“A joint force of U.S. and Iraqi personnel continued their operation for the sixth day in row in Dawr district, where they captured 128 suspected gunmen believed to be involved in attacks on U.S. and Iraqi forces,” the source, who asked not to be named, told the independent news agency Voices of Iraq (VOI).
“The forces also found a number of weapons and light-arms hidden in several houses in the city,” he added.

“The city was under siege for six days and witnessed harsh humanitarian conditions, especially within the severe shortage in medical and food supplies,” the source noted.

Dawr district is 13 km east of Tikrit which lies 175 km north of Baghdad.

Joint forces storm Sunni neighborhood in northern Baghdad
By Adel Fakher

Baghdad, Apr 5, (VOI) – A joint force of Iraqi and U.S. troops besieged on Thursday Raghba Khaton region in the Sunni Adhamiyah neighborhood in northern Baghdad, an eyewitness said.

“A joint force of Iraqi and U.S. personnel besieged Raghba Khaton region in the early hours of Thursday and searched a number of houses,” an eyewitness told the independent news agency Voices of Iraq (VOI) by phone.

“The forces started the operation with a support from armored vehicles,” he added, noting that the operation is being implemented with numerous U.S. choppers hovering over the city.

Baghdad is witnessing Fardh al-Qanoon (law-imposing) security plan since mid February to stem sectarian violence and confront armed groups.

Law-imposing plan starts in Mosul
By Ibrahim Zannun

Mosul, Apr 3, (VOI) – The law-imposing plan has started in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, Ninewa mayor said on Tuesday.

“The law-imposing plan started in Mosul this morning. This plan will be similar to that being implemented in Baghdad since mid-February,” Mayor Duraid Mohammed Kashmolah told the independent news agency Voices of Iraq (VOI).

He added, “the plan will include the positioning of checkpoints in Mosul city, raiding gunmen’s hideouts and gaining security for the city’s hot spots.”
Mosul, the capital city of the predominantly Sunni province of Ninewa, is 402 km north of Baghdad.

Meanwhile, Ninewa police chief Wathiq al-Hamdani said “50 suspected gunmen were detained today under the law-imposing plan in Mosul.”

Lieutenant-Colonel Ahmed al-Zibari, spokesman for the Iraqi army 2nd Division, said “Iraqi troops, backed by U.S. forces, arrested 33 suspected militants and found weapon caches during raids in the city of Mosul.”

Haider comments,


Operation ‘Rule of Law’ or ‘The Surge’, as we know I, is being implemented or expanded to areas outside of Baghdad. With the increase in the number of Iraqi and U.S. security forces this operation is able to expand. This is a logical step since some terrorist have certainly left Baghdad. It is most likely they headed north and north east.

The south and south west is definitely not hospitable and may even be dangerous to the terrorists. Most of the population in the south and much of the capital seems to be strongly behind the security forces. This has been evident; especially during the last four weeks, as information comes pouring in from locals tipping of security forces.

As this operation spreads north east to the most restive areas the squeeze on the terrorist will increase their violence and their methods will become more desperate and barbaric. Raghad Al-Tikriti, daughter of Sadam Hussein, has stepped out into the lime light to rally the former Baathist and has pledged to support them financially with millions and has called on the Baathist to continue their fight, (killing Iraqis, Americans and Multinational forces).

Raghad is living in Jordan and the Gulf States and travels between the two areas regularly to show support for the terrorist in Iraq. This action by her is definitely a sign that the terrorists are under pressure.

Why else would she now make these types of supportive, rallying calls, promises of finance and appearances, if not to bolster a weakening movement? As the Iraqis in the mostly Sunni areas gradually desert these terrorists, as they are beginning to do in Baghdad, the dynamics will change substantially. This will only happen if the locals believe that security and protection provided by the Iraqis and us (who are training the Iraqis) is there to stay, remain strong, and remain impartial.

Haider Ajina

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