Nutroots Spew Forth More Racist Filth

The Left better hope that the attention gets off of them quick for their frequent racist comments…
…Things could get as ugly as their filthy mouths.

And… You’d think the nutroots on the Left would try to tone it down a smidgen now that their radio hero Imus found himself groveling at the alter of Al.

(this post picture was shortened to fit here)
Popular Leftist Blogger T-Bogg had this to say about Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice today:

Oh oh….looks like a pouty Brown Sugar is going to ask Daddy to buy her another pair of Ferragamos Or invade another country.


Update: Predictable! TBogg appears to be stuck in the denial stage.
Look for the next stage to click in soon… The “I’m being swiftboated!” stage.

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