Iranian Student Protests Escalate… Organizers Arrested! (Video)

Student protests are escalating in northern Iran!
A video was posted on a student website that shows the regime kidnapping one of the student protest organizers.
Here is the clip of the student leader being whisked away:

The video is also posted on YouTube (HERE) for more exposure.
15 students were arrested at a Babol University in northern Iran Sunday.

Now this is different and bold…
Kamangir reported on Monday that the students set up their own blog to document their protests against the regime.

Kamangir also included pictures from the protests. One of the pictures shows advertising for the protest blog they set up specifically to communicate the latest news on their protests.


Here are a few more photos of the student protests from the student protest blog:

Police on Sunday evening arrested 15 students at the University of Babol, in Mazanderan province.

Earlier today 16 members of the Iranian Parliament protested the arrest of students and teachers in the northern provinces.
Radio Free Europe reported:

Sixteen lawmakers today called on police and security forces to respect the “legal and professional rights” of teachers and students.

Dozens of student activists and teachers who had demonstrated for a salary increase have reportedly been detained in Iran over the past weeks. Some of them have been released.

ISNA news agency reports that the teachers’ arrests have forced the closure of several schools in the northwestern and northern provinces of Hamedan and Mazandaran.

Iranian Police Hold 15 Students After Protest Against Regime

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