Iranian Protesters Again Attack UK Embassy in Tehran!

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Just released photos from the protest/attack on the UK Embassy today in Tehran…

A picture just released by Fars News of the protest today (Noon CST)

Another shot from today’s protest against the UK in Tehran. (Fars)

A special truck delivery???

The hardliner students were having fun collecting rocks…
The kidnapped British sailors and marines- not so much. (Fars)


More laughs. (Fars)

** Kamangir translates the posters at the staged event and says the protesters were Basij members.

Iranian hardliner university students again attacked the British Embassy in Tehran today.
BREAKING- (9:42 AM CST) Here is the video…

It looks like there were a lot more than the 150-200 protesters that are being reported!

Reuters is reporting that several blasts could be heard and smoke could be seen rising from inside the compound

The BBC reported:

Iranian students have thrown firecrackers and rocks into the British embassy compound during a protest in the capital Tehran.
Around 150 people demonstrated against what they say was the illegal entry into Iranian waters of 15 UK Royal Navy personnel captured nine days ago.

BBC correspondent Francis Harrison said the students were hardliners who were urging Iran not to compromise.

The Foreign Office said there had been no damage and no one had been hurt.

The BBC’s correspondent, who was outside the embassy when the missiles were thrown, said the demonstrators were hardline Islamist students from Tehran University.

“They were making speeches, they were calling for the British sailors to be put on trial, for the British government to apologise,” she said.

Riot police prevented protesters surging forward and scaffolding had been erected against the front of the embassy to prevent people trying to get inside, she added.

SKY News has a picture from today’s protest against the UK for the kidnapping of their sailors(?)… Are the Iranians just begging to be attacked?

On Friday Fars News reported “thousands” of protesters outside the UK Embassy after prayers.

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