How To Stop A Cold-Blooded Sociopath On a Killing Spree

Glenn Reynolds offers advice today in the New York Daily News.

Michelle Malkin has her own advice to Big Nanny administrators.

More… “Gun Free Zones” at the Wall Street Journal.


And, here is a textbook example for educators…
Back in 2002, a Nigerian student shot three people dead at a law school in Virginia before being subdued by three armed students:

When Odighizuwa exited the building where the shooting took place, he was approached by two students with personal firearms.[5]

At the first sound of gunfire, fellow students Tracy Bridges and Mikael Gross, unbeknownst to each other, ran to their vehicles to fetch their personally owned firearms.[6] Gross, a police officer with the Grifton Police Department in his home state of North Carolina, retrieved a bulletproof vest and a 9 mm pistol.[7] Bridges pulled his .357 Magnum pistol from beneath the driver’s seat of his Chevy Tahoe. As Bridges later told the Richmond Times Dispatch, he was prepared to shoot to kill.[8]

Bridges and Gross approached Odighizuwa from different angles, with Bridges yelling at Odighizuwa to drop his gun.[9] Odighizuwa then dropped his firearm and was subdued by several other unarmed students.[10] Once Odighizuwa was securely held down, Gross went back to his vehicle and retrieved handcuffs to detain Odighizuwa until police could arrive.

Nigerian Peter Odighizuwa, 42, who had been suspended from college earlier in the day.

Weasel Zippers has more on the 2002 attack.

Jules Crittenden has more ‘Killer Reax’.

Meanwhile… A student was arrested at Rochester College for possession of assault rifles.

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