Banned In Iran… A Helpful Guide For Living With the Mullahs

Here is a helpful guide for the Iranian people to help you deal with the latest modesty crackdown by the regime.

The following will not be tolerated inside the regime:

Beautiful women with hair showing.


Beautiful women with blond hair showing.

Beautiful women with blond hair showing who talk back to members of the Bassiji militia.

Mothers with children with hair showing…
Even if the children start crying.

Women’s Rights activists.

Noushin Ahmadi Khorasani (Nooshin Ahmadi Khorasani) was sentenced to two years in jail for protesting for women’s rights this week.

Satellite dishes.

Young men with long hair.

Young men with short sleeves.

Oops! It looks like that young lady just got away!

Pajamas and shorts in the hallway.

Iranian rappers.

Manly makeup, ties and bow ties.

And, yes…
Even Breasts on mannequins.

Hope this helps.

** Aryamehr has video of Ahmadinejad back in 2005 saying he would not bother with dress codes.

** Iranian-American filmmaker Ardeshir Arian at Pajamas Media has more on the growing teacher’s protests in Iran.

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