Zapatero Surrenders to ETA Terrorist's Demands

In February it was reported by Lady Vorzheza that one of the ETA bloodier terrorists -25 people were directly killed and many more murdered following his orders- was on a hunger strike because he wanted to be freed before his punishment ends.

Zapatero granted the terrorist mastermind his wish this week…

Demonstrators protest against the house arrest granted to hunger-striking ETA prisoner Inaki de Juana Chaos in front Madrid’s Interior Ministry, March 1, 2007. The member of Basque separatist guerrilla group ETA, convicted of multiple murders, will serve the rest of a jail sentence under house arrest to prevent his death from a hunger strike, the Spanish government said on Thursday. (REUTERS/Andrea Comas)

Toasted Bread has several links and updates on Zapatero’s decision to bow to the ETA terrorists.

Photos of Inaki de Juana Chaos were snuck out and printed in the European papers. Cameras and mobiles were not allowed inside his room.
Now Chaos is back at home thanks to the Zapatero government.


More… on Spanish appeasement here and here.

Terrorist & Mass Murderer On Hunger Strike Demands Freedom

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