Two Women's Rights Defenders Still Held In Tehran

Kamangir is continuing to follow the story on the Women’s Rights Activists arrested this week in Tehran.

Earlier today Women’s Field reported that one of the women activists, Zhila Baniyaghoub, was released leaving two women still imprisoned by the regime:

Only couple of minutes after the International Women’s Day (Esfand 17), Zhila Baniyaghoub who was arrested during a peaceful gathering in front of Revolutionary Court at Esfand 13, was released.

So, Maboubeh Abbasgholizadeh and Shadi Sadr still remain in prison. Up to now, Mahboubeh Abbasgholizadeh has not contacted her family, and Shadi Sadr has had only one telephone conversation with her family so far.

Two women remain imprisoned…

Shadi Sadr is a prominent lawyer, journalist, and activist. She founded Zanan-e Iran, the first website dedicated to the work of Iranian women’s rights activists, and she has written numerous articles and several books on the subject of Iranian women and their legal rights. Shadi Sadr has represented a number of persecuted activists and journalists and has donated her time in successfully overturning the convictions of several women sentenced to execution.


Mahbubeh Abbasgholizadeh is the editor of the Zanan quarterly journal and is a key member of the Campaign Against Stoning. She has also served as the director of the NGO Training Center. In November 2004, Mahboobeh Abbasgholozadeh was arrested as a result of her activism on women’s rights and was detained for over a month.
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Women’s Field has more on the protest yesterday in Iran for International Women’s Day:

On International Day for Women – March 8 – a group of women got together in front of Islamic Council (Majlis) to commemorate this event and protest against the recent arrests. Once again, the aggregation of these women experienced violent interference of disciplinary forces where they were harshly beaten by bats and as aggressively as possible the police forces tried to scatter the population gathered there.

Minou Mortazie, Fatemeh Govaraie, Shahla Entesari, Rezvan Moghaddam, and Asiyeh Amini, who were recently released from prison from their arrest, were violently beaten by bats and trodden by police forces.

I talked with Soheila Vahdati and Sanam Dolatshahi from the Stop Stoning Forever Campaign today and was told that both of the women that are still held by authorities are prominent activists with the stop stoning movement and have traveled to other regional countries to protest against the practice of stoning. There is no new news about the two women who are still being held. The last report coming from Iran was that Zhila Baniyaghoub was released.

The women also reported that the authorities were listening in on their calls. One of the activists said that officials even knew that her sister was going through a divorce.

The women were hoping that through their movement would help change the laws and bring equality to Iranian society.

Two of the women that were held this past week suffer from MS and were denied their medications while they were imprisoned.

I was also told by the women I talked with today that they hope that the public will support their friends who are being held in prison.
You are able to do this by signing the petition *HERE* for the release of Maboubeh Abbasgholizadeh and Shadi Sadr who still remain in prison.

Update: This was sent to me this morning:

Final Statement of ‘Women’s Site’ Celebration: River Can’t be Imprisoned:

“8 of March has arrived but we have our friends in prison so that we keep silence and don’t flow. Is it possible to keep river, rainbow, voice and thought in prison?

“8 of March has arrived and the shout of “woman” finds a ray to shine and the light passes through and life goes on.

“Woman doesn’t want to be body; she wants to be a citizen of her country. She wants to be a word- it seems they don’t want. Those, who violate her presence and imprison her cry.

“But a woman never plays this dark game and never loses public spheres to declare her demands on the International Day for Women.

“If today a group of women’s movement activists are imprisoned at Evin Prison, their voices comes out of other throats and reflect.

“If today, nation’s house is not a peaceful place for our presence, we will choose an alternative path.

Nothing to worry about! We won’t divide. We will multiply and we will celebrate in other ceremonies the International Day for Women and will make a river of our voices. We will sing and flow in life’s vessels.

We celebrate and remember 8 of March in hundreds of gatherings and groups to register our voice, “Only the voice remains”.

“We will lighten up Iran with every single candle lit to celebrate the birthday of Women’s Day.”

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