The Horror! Iranian Spy Asgari Forced Into Naked Pyramid!

Reeling from the news that Former Iranian deputy defense minister Ali Reza Asgari has defected, Iranian News is now reporting that Asgari was kidnapped and is being tortured by the Americans, Brits and Israelis:

“A joint committee formed of the US, Israeli and British agents are torturing Asgari both mentally and physically with the same style US troops torture prisoners in Guantanamou and Abu Ghreib.”

Apparently, the Iranian regime believes that reporting that Asgari is suffering from the same “torture techniques” as those prisoners at Abu Ghraib…

…is going to send shivers down the spines of the Iranian people who frequently hear about the forced isolation, beatings, torture and even death of political prisoners at Evin Prison.
I suspect not.

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