Iranian Women Arrested at Tehran Courthouse Protest

The women were protesting the arrest of 5 women from last year’s Womens Rights protest.

25 women were arrested outsid a courthouse in Tehran earlier today.
The BBC reports:

Iran’s authorities have arrested more than 25 women activists protesting outside a courthouse in Tehran.

The protesters were showing solidarity with five women on trial for organising a protest last June against laws they say discriminate against women.

The five have been charged with endangering national security, propaganda against the state and taking part in an illegal gathering.

US pressure group, Human Rights Watch, has urged an end to the prosecution.

It said the women had been exercising their right to freedom of peaceful assembly.

The five are organisers of a demonstration last June which was violently broken up by the police and led to the arrest of 70 people, many of them innocent bystanders.

Last year, the Iranian regime beat down and teargassed the brave women who showed up at the rally for Women’s Rights in Tehran!

The organizers of that protest are just now going on trial for holding the unsanctioned event.

** Kamangir has much more on the protest including several pictures of the women protesting at the court house.


Iranian Regime Thrashes Women’s Rights Protesters in Tehran!
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