Iranian "300" Protesters Demand "Death to Hollywood!"

The Iranians are not happy about the release of “300”, an romantically inaccurate Hollywood portrayal of the ancient Battle of Thermopylae as an intrusion of the Iranian culture and part of a comprehensive U.S. psychological war.

Kamangir has a roundup of reaction from Iranian Blogestan (not to be confused with Iranian Kurdistan or Iranian Balochistan).

Sadly, one tool of the Iranian bloggers is getting the opposite effect than what was intended.

A petition that is being passed around in the blogosphere is demanding an immediate apology for insinuating that “the Persians were monstrous savages”.
Here are a few of the signatures:

30141. mdvahidpour- doyou like we make movi in which we show that the american people are wild

29012. Persian pride- Go ride your horse YANKEE?!

29002. Mohammad Eslami- Has Dick Cheney and AIPAC been to your studio with $$$$$ again? Or did you do it out of a sense of duty to Israel?

27965. yekta darvish- Dirthy Politics

22642. Arashi- “Screw White people, all racist!”

20494. Justin Farzad Coleman- “F*CK JEWS”

27921. Yalda- You are terrorists who terror other cultures. Shame on you!


32709. Arash- An unreal movive from Iran. Dam to you

20473. Homa Fardi When our president call Iran axis of evil, what you expect from Warner Brothers! It is sad.


24974. Mahdad Zarafshan- “Death to the owners of Hollywood”
Hat Tip Brando

And, here is one showing some sense:
27895. Ami- How come the Greek emperor looked like Jesus Christ?!!! And Xerxes looked liked a monster. A lot of people in Persian army were black as well!!!! Have you guys done your research??? Also, how come Persian were wearing cloth like Arabs?? (I don’t have anything against Arabs) This war happened before Muslims screwed up Persia!!

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