Iran Reports: "UFO Shot Down in Arak!"

Iranian Bazteb News reports that Iran shot down a UFO with anti-aircraft missiles earlier today!

It was a further proof that the regime is ready to tackle any foreign challengers foolish enough to take on the regime.
Bazteb reports:

A bright object was sighted in the sky of Arak, Iran’s Central Province, Friday night, and was shot down by the Iranian anti-aircraft missiles, BAZTAB reported.

The Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) was completely destroyed by the country’s new air defense system, the report said. BAZTAB has learned that the bright object might have been a pilotless drone.

Few months ago, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) confirmed reports that its drones were conducting reconnaissance flights over the Iranian sky.

Some sources, however, claimed that the operation could have been part of an exercise to test the combat alertness and power of Iran’s air defense system.

BAZTAB – March 17, 2007

Iran warned its enemies that they could expect the same treatment if “they grow insane enough to attack Iran.”

There were reports back in 2002 that Iran may have a secret nuclear facility near Arak.

Jules Crittenden has the other happenings from nuke-wanting regime.

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