Democrats Refuse to Support British Hostages!!

** Democrats stoop to new low in foreign policy! **

You won’t believe what the democratic majority is doing to our closest ally the Brits and the 15 British sailors and marines held hostage by Iran in their time of need!

Faye Turney, the only woman crew member of the 15 British sailors and marines detained at sea last week, is seen on Iranian television March 28, 2007. (Reuters)
Faye is the mother of one, a baby girl named Molly.

You just won’t believe this.
As reported at Powerline (via Sean Hannity) this afternoon:


A resolution has been proposed in the House of Representatives that condemns Iran for the seizure of British sailors and marines, expresses support for our British allies. It’s hard to see anything controversial in that. But apparently, the resolution has languished all week while Pelosi refuses to allow it to come to the floor.

Earlier today, Congressman Eric Cantor wrote the following letter to Pelosi:

Dear Madam Speaker:

Fifteen kidnapped British marines and sailors recently became the latest victims of a systematic Iranian campaign of terror and international defiance. The illegal seizure of the British forces is a signal that Iran views us as powerless to prevent it from realizing its aggressive ambitions.

For the sake of our standing in the world, our allies and most importantly the 15 British personnel and their families, I urge you to bring H. Res. 267 to the floor today before we adjourn. The resolution calls for the immediate and unconditional release of the British marines and sailors. It would also call on the U.N. Security Council to not only condemn the seizure, but to explore harsher sanctions to counter the growing Iranian threat.

A Republican Congressional staffer writes:

It is simply staggering to me that Pelosi refuses to stand beside America’s closest ally. I literally would not have thought this possible, until I saw it this week.

Staggering, indeed.

But… Democrats did have time today to vote for the largest tax increase in our contry’s history!

And, Kerry and his minions set new restrictions on political speech.

** Is it really any wonder then, despite the liberal media, that democrats are tanking in the polls?

Here is more bad polling news for democrats.

More… Defeatism on display.

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