Calling All Moonbats! Help Earth Now!

** Stop Warmongering Now! **
Dear Moonbats: A few of you may have noticed between burning US soldier effigies and doing squats that there are 15 British marines detained by the Iranian Regime (I realize that many of you have been focusing on the latest non-scandal. That’s OK.).

Now is your chance to become part of this nation’s defense (as awful as that may sound to some of you).
Allow me to explain…

Iranian Bazteb News today reported that there is a chance that these 15 British sailors and marines may be released:


“The Islamic Republic of Iran will legally deal with the arrested British marines and the solutions to the case are diplomatically clear, if it has been a mistake, an apology by the British government will suffice, otherwise they have to explain what their objective has been in aggressing against the Iranian territorial waters.”

Got that?… All the Iranians want is a little apology!
This is where you come in…

Remember when you put together those nutty apology webpages when President Bush was reelected?

You know, the ones where you all sent in pictures on how sorry you were that Bush was still leader of the free world even after all of your fraudulent attacks?

(Pictures with Bush are good.)

Well, could you do that again?
We need your apology pictures!
So get on with it!
Use your talents…

Think of it as “Not for America but for Europe!”
Do it for Earth!
We need your apologies and we need them now!
(Pictures from Sorry Everybody!)

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