Another Senior Iranian Officer Disappears!

YNET News reported today that another Iranian senior officer disappeared three weeks ago, this time in Iraq:

Three weeks ago the Iranian armed forces command in Teheran lost contact with a senior officer who had been serving in Iraq with the al-Quds unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, according to a senior Iranian official cited in the Wednesday edition of the London-based Arabic daily al-Sharq al-Awsat.

The Iranian source said that it is still unclear why contact with the officer, Colonel Amir Muhammad Shirazi, was lost. “It is possible that the American forces in Iraq arrested him along with a group of 13 Iranian military and intelligence officials,” he said, adding that this is just one of the scenarios being investigated by Tehran.

The lack of word from the al-Quds officer is attracting heightened interest because of the mysterious disappearance – or perhaps defection – of Iran’s former Deputy Defense Minister, General Ali Reza Asgari , a week ago.

And… AllahPundit reports that another Iranian official flew the coup.

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